Rental Terms & Conditions

Prior to making a booking enquiry, please make sure that you have read these terms and conditions.


The following information will help you understand what to expect during your stay at our self-catering apartment. Thank you for respecting these property rules which are intended to make your stay more enjoyable.


Payment and Booking Terms

Rates are shown on the availabilitypage. Rates are negotiable for long term rentals (over four weeks) and smaller parties (1-3 people). Your initial booking enquiry will be followed up by an e-mail from us. In this e-mail we will confirm the availability of the apartment and provide you with the final booking form. Upon completion of this form we ask for:


  • The names and ages of all occupants who will be in the apartment during your stay.
  • A cheque for 25% of the total balance - your deposit.

These items must be received by post (we recommend to send them recorded) within 14 days of the issuing of the booking form. The remaining 75% of your balance must be paid by cheque at least six weeks before the start of your stay. A separate, returnable cheque for £150 - a security deposit to cover any breakages and damages - is due at the same time as your final balance. This will not be cashed unless we are advised of any breakages or damage which have occurred during your stay, and will be returned to you following clearance from our management company.


We reserve the right to cancel your booking should any of these terms not be met.



Cancellation policy

  • 75% refund if cancelled in excess of six weeks prior to the start of your reservation.
  • 50% refund if cancelled 4-6 weeks prior to the start of your reservation.
  • 25% refund if cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to the start of your reservation.



Additional Bedding: Extra blankets are provided should they be required, but our combined air conditioning and heating units should provide sufficient for your stay.


Air Conditioner/Heater: Electricity in Portugal is incredibly expensive as compared to many other countries, so we are careful with our consumption. Please be sensitive with your usage to avoid excessive useage. Please remember to turn off the Air Conditioner / Heater before you leave the apartment each day, for both safety reasons and to minimize excess charges. Closing the room doors allows for quicker cooling or heating of the room to your desired temperature. Dropping the security blinds is also an effective method for keeping the apartment cool.


Beach Towels: Bring own beach towels with you as they are not provided.


Breakages & Damages: Any breakages or damages are the responsibility of the occupant and will be deducted from the security deposit. Please ensure that any breakages or damages are reported to our property manager as soon as they occur so that they can be resolved for the next guest. For hygiene reasons, a wet bed will result in your being charged for a new mattress. All items in our apartment have been inventoried and this will be checked by our management company following your departure. In the rare event of any missing or damaged items, we reserve the right to deduct the replacement or repair cost from your security deposit.


Check-in / Check-out Times: Check-in - after 2:00 pm. Check-out - 10:00 am. This allows time to properly clean the apartment before our next guests arrive. We will arrange with you an arrival time given your flight details and our representative will meet you at the apartment when you arrive.


Cleaning: The apartment and its contents must be left clean and tidy at the end of the rental period (e.g. dishes washed, all garbage removed). Any excess cleaning charges may be deducted from the security deposit.


Dishwasher: Please remember to wash your dishes. Instructions for use of the dishwasher can be found in the welcome booklet in the apartment. Salt is critical to avoid damage to the dishwasher, due to the water in Portugal. This will help us maintain our high standards and keep maintenance costs down. The necessary supplies are available at all supermarkets - the closest one (Intermarche) is on the EN125 heading towards the Old Town and Marina.


Garbage/Rubbish: Please remember to take the garbage out daily to avoid ants and bad odours. The nearest garbage bin is on Rua Jose Afonso, opposite the coffee shop (approximately 100 metres from the apartment). It is a bit of an unusual process in Portugal, where each family is responsible for taking their own garbage out to the Large Plastic Outdoor Garbage Bin, very near to the apartment. Lagos has a good recycling program for glass, plastic and paper products. We simply place these items in a separate bag and take them with us on our garbage run. Large plastic recycle bins are located beside many of the garbage bins. There are three recycle bins for each of glass, plastic and paper products. The recycle bins are well marked with photos of what is allowed and disallowed in each recycle bin. Please be environmentally friendly and recycle!


In Case of Problem(s): We fully expect you to be very happy with the accommodation and amenities provided. However, if you encounter any difficulties during your stay, please contact our property manager immediately so that a resolution can be found. We will provide you the contact info for our property manager with your final booking package.


Insurance: Travel Insurance is advisable on any holiday, including this one. All occupants are responsible for ensuring that they have adequate Travel Insurance and a 24 hour emergency telephone number. The use of the accommodation and amenities are offered on the condition that they are used entirely at the occupant's own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for accidents, injuries, illness, death or loss or damage to users' or visitors' property or belongings, including motor vehicles, however caused.


Keys: Keys are provided by our property manager upon your arrival at the apartment. We request your Lagos arrival details and set an arrival time for our property manager to meet you in front of the apartment.


Long term rentals: Longer term rentals will be considered, especially in the winter months. Rates for rentals over four weeks are negotiable and the occupant(s) will be responsible for utility bills during such rentals.


Maid Service: The apartment is self catering and our maid service will prepare it for your arrival. Our maid service will then visit the apartment every seven days following the commencement of your stay.


Noise: Our apartment is located in a semi-residential location, offering privacy and tranquility. Therefore in order to respect the other guests and our neighbours, we ask that noise be kept to a reasonable level. Your stay may be terminated should our management in Lagos receive any complaints on this issue.


Occupants: Strictly limited to those listed on the booking form which will be sent to you following your initial booking enquiry. Maximum number of occupants is 8. No pets allowed. Admission will be refused or terminated if this condition is not met.


Security: Please ensure that all doors and windows are locked on every occasion that you leave the apartment. Please drop all of the security blinds to the floor every time you leave the apartment. This not only helps security, but also keeps the apartment cool. The front door of the apartment must be locked with the key. The glass door at the front of the building must be closed upon entrance and exit. A video entry system is in place should one of your party be outside without a key! Please also ensure that the garage door is securely closed following use.


Self-catering: This accommodation is booked on a self-catering basis. You will need to provide your own groceries and household goods, e.g. soaps, shampoo, detergents, toilet paper etc. You will also need to wash your dishes and take out your garbage. A welcome pack including items such as bread, milk and butter will be provided to get you started. Directions to the nearest supermarket (Intermarche) are provided in the apartment's guest book.


Smaller parties: Rates are negotiable for parties of three people or less. However, our property manager will be alerted to how many people should be staying in the apartment at any particular time. Your stay may be terminated if you have booked the incorrect number of people into the apartment.


Smoking: No smoking inside apartment. Please restrict smoking to the balconies (better views, anyway!). Damage from cigarette burns will be charged at full replacement cost.


Sunbeds: The sunbeds (lounge chairs) found on our balcony are intended for private use on our balcony only. Please do not take these down to the beach.


Suntan Oils / Creams: Please take care not to sit on apartment furniture and bedding when using these products. We appreciate your cooperation to maintain the high standard of the apartment for your next visit.


Utility Charges: Please try to avoid excess use of electricity and water. Turn off all air conditioning units when you are leaving the apartment each day. There is no landline telephone in the apartment, so you will need to bring a mobile or use public payphones.


Washing Machine, Fridge, Microwave, etc: Manuals for these (in English) are provided in the apartment's guest book.


Please note that the property owners and our management representative in Lagos reserve the right to refuse admission to the apartment, or to terminate your stay, should these terms and conditions be breached.